Models of Integral Health

Models of Integral Health include:

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLCs): Mental, physical, and social health are strongly influenced by several important therapeutic lifestyle factors, including exercise, nutrition and diet, time in nature, relationships, recreation, relaxation and stress management, religious or spiritual involvement, and service to others. Health education programs and treatment interventions focusing on therapeutic lifestyle changes are integral, research-supported, common-sense approaches that are essential in addressing our mental, medical, and public health needs.

The Biopsychosocial Model: [From George Engle] “To provide a basis for understanding the determinants of disease and arriving at rational treatments and patterns of health care, a medical model must also take into account the patient, the social context in which he lives and the complementary system devised by society to deal with the disruptive effects of illness, that is, the physician role and the health care system. This requires a biopsychosocial model.”

wheelofhealth2Duke Integrative Medicine: Integrative Medicine is a new approach to medical care that brings patient and practitioner together in a dynamic partnership dedicated to optimizing the patient’s health and healing. This approach focuses on the whole person, recognizing that the subtle interactions of mind, body, spirit and community have a direct impact on vitality and well-being.

quadrants3Integral Life Practice: Integral Life Practice (ILP) is not just a new approach to self-development and higher awareness, but a way of making sense of—and making the best use of—the full spectrum of insights, methods, and teachings for cultivating a more open, balanced, and integrated life. ILP condenses East and West, ancient and cutting edge, within a highly flexible and contemporary system that you can use whether you’re a professional, a mom, a student, an athlete, an engaged spiritual practitioner (including a beginner)—or anyone who sincerely desires to lead a life of freedom and fullness.

index1Elliott S. Dacher, M.D.: Dacher is author of the book, Integral Health: The Path to Human Flourishing. From the back cover: “To transform health and life we must shift our gaze inward, where we will find the ever-present source of exceptional health and healing.” writes Dacher. This book provides the vision and the map that show how to achieve integral health as well as its many fruits. Based on Ken Wilber’s integral theory, that path is holistic, evolutionary, intentional, person-centered, and dynamic as it addresses four aspects of human existence—the inner aspects of the psychospiritual and the interpersonal and the outer aspects of the biological and the interpersonal.

bookscan2Integral Transformative Practice: Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) calls us to a high adventure through the positive transformation of ourselves, our relationships, and our society. It is integral in that it integrates body, mind, heart, and soul. It is transformative in that it produces positive change. It is a practice that involves a long-term, well researched program.