Integral Health

Integral means comprehensive, whole, and balanced. So, Integral Health can be thought of as physical health + mental health + healthy relationships + a healthy society. Or as biological health + emotional balance + mental clarity + spiritual awakening + community engagement. Or as body + mind + soul + relationships + community. You get the point. An integral approach brings together multiple perspectives in an effort to address the multiple dimensions of human life. There are many other terms used to convey “whole person” approaches to health—like holistic, integrative, mind/body, and wellness—and they can more or less be used interchangeably. Click HERE for more about why I particularly like the term integral.

My three main areas of expertise (focusing on mind, body and spirit respectively) are psychology, somatics and mindfulness.

I find Ken Wilber’s “Four Quadrant” model to be a useful way to tie these things together and frame the whole concept of Integral Health:

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